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Cheetah Captain

Cheetah Captain Speech


I Aditya chaphekar am standing here today as cheetah captain, and i would like to thank all of you all for believing in me, i would like to thank all my teachers and principal ma’am for nominating me for this position and i would also like to thank all the other office bearers to stand by me throughout the process it’s a great honor to be elected for this position and i will make sure not to disappoint y’all forever grateful.


I hear everyone saying I will bring you the top cat, no one’s saying HOW.!!

Today this is why I’m here TO SHOW YOU.

You don’t set out to build a wall, you don’t say that you will build the strongest, baddest and the finest wall that has ever been built. You start by saying that I am going to place this brick as perfectly as a brick can be placed. there is going to be no other brick that is placed as perfectly as this brick that has been placed. and you must repeat this until you have a wall. And i am ready to build that wall for cheetah and that’s all i have to say, may the best nominee win oh wait that’s me thank you.