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Editorial Prefect 1

Editorial Prefect Speech

Acceptance Speech

Good afternoon everybody, I’m Kanyaka Pai, newly sworn in Head of Student Council and member of the Editorial Team. I’ll be honest, I’ve given a lot of speeches from this very podium. Though I try to be creative, they usually have a set format. I begin with a catchy intro, shove in a few jokes and end with a quick thank you. Today, however, I’m going to switch it up, and begin with my thank yous, since for once, I have a lot of those.

Thank you, to Nalini ma’am, who has always believed in me and given me a tremendous amount of support. According to the media, principals are supposed to be strict and distant, but my experience could not be more different.

An enthusiastic nod of gratitude to my parents, who never asked me to sit quiet and study, now that I was in tenth. In fact, they sat up with me till midnight coming up with the weirdest slogans for my election posters. They make me laugh, they hold me up when I cry, and they are the reason I’m standing here today.

A cheer to everybody I will be working with in the coming year. I’ve been given a wonderful team, and I cannot wait to see what we can achieve. Here’s to the office bearers of VVS!

Thank you, and have a lovely day ahead.