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Editorial Prefect 2

Editorial Prefect Speech

A very good afternoon to my teachers, friends and classmates. I Aarya Patil The Editorial Head Prefect of Year 2022- 2023 is very proud of our school our captains our nominees and classmates today.

“What a journey it has been” some may say but my journey started only 2 years ago in 7th grade in 2019. I had came to this beautiful school and country not knowing how special this place may be for me. Through these years and especially the pandemic we as a school and our Nalini Maam surcame all the challenges and rough patches that came our way. After a long year, a big and special part of our school is back in action which is our elections. Now, I proudly say Vidya Valley is where I belong and is my home as well. All the other nominees that are not here today as well as the prefects here today, I can say proudly we all deserve to be here today.

I have always wanted to be a part of something where the limits of creativity and thought are till the sky. “I did it finally, we did it “ we all would like to say but this is not the end to our beautiful journey, we must continue. I would like to thank my teacher and most importantly Nalini Maam in taking notice of my writing and giving me this chance to prove myself. I will and we all will continue to bring change to this world and country and are part of something that is lifechanging for all. They say “Writing is the voice of the mute, the hearing of the deaf, the sight of the blind.” I hope to be the voice of Vidya Valley I would like to leave you on this quote.

We rise again in the grass, in the flowers. In songs. Rise and rise again till lambs became lions.

Thank you.