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Head Boy Speech

Acceptance Speech

Good morning one and all present here! I am Aryaman Hatkar and I am extremely honoured to play the role of Head Boy of Vidya Valley for the year 2022-2023. I am grateful for this position because every other nominee was as capable as me, if not more, of winning this precious post. I would like to thank our principal ma’am as well as our teachers for thinking me worthy of this post and would also like to take a moment to thank all my fellow Valleyites for voting for me and helping me achieve my ambition of becoming the Head Boy. Thank you for giving me the chance to lead, mentor and also work together with everyone and of course, help bring VVS to the top. Being elected as a Vidya Valley prefect is an absolute honour which I will always hold close to my heart as one of my biggest achievements. Today, I stand before all of you, accepting my post with extreme dignity, honour, humility and prestige. Thank you, everyone!!