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Puma Vice Captain

Puma Vice Captain Speech

Acceptance Speech 2022/23

Good morning principal mam, Teachers, parents, and my fellow prefects. I am Vikrant kher and I can proudly say that have been elected as the vice-captain of puma Firstly, I would like to thank all my fellow nominees for having a fair election. I also would want to thank all those who helped me campaign in school and make a name for me, to get everyone’s attention and vote for me and lastly, I would like to thank all my Pumaites who put their trust, hope, and thought of me capable of being their leader for a whole year and to those who did not vote for me, I shall try and show you what I stand for so that I get your vote next year. I would also like to thank my family for their support. Today, I stand here in front of you all to take the solemn oath and begin this new chapter. My heart is filled with excitement and responsibility. Let me just tell you a bit about myself. I am an avid sportsperson, who enjoys watching any sport and playing football, basketball, and cricket. I believe that a leader is one who leads from the front and not from the sidelines. Being a leader I want to guide people and get them out of their comfort zones and participate in all activities to show them who they really are. Most importantly, to create respect amongst each other at school while they have fun, study, and create long-lasting memories from here at VVS. I hope puma is able to win the top cat this year with everyone’s help, but mainly work as a team and push each other to their maximum potential. Thank you and I hope we have an amazing year together.

Vice Captain Speech 2022/23

Good morning to everyone present here, I am Vikrant Kher from Puma house running for the post of vice-captain for the year 2022/23. Firstly, I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to all the teachers for thinking me worthy of this post and nominating me for it. I am a very accessible, friendly, and passionate person. whether it is playing sports or watching them or backing my team in whatever it is that they are doing. I play football for the school team and intend to get back to sports climbing shortly. I am a reliable and responsible leader, isn’t that what everyone wants? If you would put in your vote for me I assure you all that each and every student from puma will be a part of some housing activity or the other. I will help in making you more confident and believe in yourselves and get the best out of you to show you who u really are. I will guarantee that I will be present at any activities let it be chess, table tennis, debate, or any other event, and support you all from the sidelines. I will be with you all through thick and thin and take the house to greater heights with your help. The house is a team and there is no” I “in TEAM. So let us together do everything to be on the top in every sphere.