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Sher Captain

Sher Captain Speech

Hi, my name is Ishaan Jain and I am running for the post of captain of sher house. First I’ll like to thank all the teachers and principal maam for nominating me for this prestigious movement.

At the very start, let me say that we both have something in common. You don’t know what I am going to say…… and neither do I. Sherites wanna win the top cat or not?

To win the top cat you need a proper leader to take you to that destination and I am 100 percent sure that I am capable of this. I am funny, supportive, and always active. I give my 100 percent when I am on the field or off the field. The only motive I follow is Whatever you do, always give your 100 percent unless you are donating your blood.

A good leader will never judge a person and always listen to what they say. And I will not just bark orders or boss people around. I will listen to my team and make the best possible decision. I play a lot of sports and also have participated in international moments for chess. I will not make fake promises but I will assure you my 100 percent for what I will be doing.

We have one of the best athletes in our house and winning the top cat should be easy for us. It’s the time we show our opposition who the boss is. This is Ishaan Jain and vote me for sher captain and may the best candidate win.