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Michelle Alex – sports prefect girl 2022-23

I’ve never been a natural, all I do is try, try ,try. A very good morning to everyone present here, I’m Michelle Alex and you probably know me as the girl going around classrooms, shouting ”Vote for me, Michelle Alex as your next sports prefect”. I always thought speaking to a class FULL of children would make me nervous, but hearing them cheer was an ABSOLUTE adrenaline rush. I am THRILLED and grateful to Principal Ma’am and all the teachers who thought me worthy of this prestigious post.

In 6th grade, I remember sitting for the FIRST time to listen to the speeches that our seniors gave. They were BEAUTIFUL!!! I looked up to them in AWE wondering how someone could PERFECTLY present all they had to say in the most satisfying and pretty convincing way. and now…. it feels SOO UNREAL to stand in the same place 4 years later and wish to set the perfect example that my juniors can look up to.

I have been a student here at vidya valley for the past twelve years. From learning my first alphabet to beginning my preparation for the board exam next year, the teachers and this school have been a part of many eventful times in my life.

Therefore, in the year 2022, I want to show just how grateful I am and give back to this school.

Now, lets come to why you should vote for me as your next sports prefect. I don’t play basketball, football, handball or cricket. I don’t swim either. But I dance.. that’s right I am a dancer. And it’s high time that dance should be considered a sport. As someone who has been taking Bharatanatyam lessons for the past 10 years, I have learnt that being in sync, thinking as one group and connecting with your fellow performers is what enhances the show. In the same way, I hope to build a bond with every one of you . I don’t really want the senior- junior kind of relationship. I’m thinking… personal therapist??

Nothing great ever happened without enthusiasm and I radiate positive energy and am driven to help every student have the same passion and excitement to be a part of team. I am fully aware that being the sports prefect is no easy task, but I am up for it because when I pass out of this school, I want to have that feeling that I was a part of a change, a difference or even the slightest betterment in the school.

I promise that you’ll never find another like me. So, remember, its Michelle Alex for Sports prefect. Thank you, and may the best candidate win.

Sports Prefect

Never be so polite, you forget your power, never wield such power, you forget to be polite.

A very good afternoon to everyone present here. I am Michelle Alex, elected as the Sports Prefect of Vidya Valley School for the year 2022-23.

Firstly, I am more than grateful to Principal Ma’am and all the teachers who nominated me for this post and gave me first-hand experience to take part in this election. From proofreading my speeches several times to thinking of ideas for posters, I would like to take this opportunity to thank my parents, my no1 supporters with a whole heart.

I wouldn’t be lying if I said that I wanted to hug everyone who voted for me, however, since that isn’t possible, ill prove how grateful I am in terms of completing my duties and along with the other prefects make this year in our school remarkable.

As an individual, the experience is what really matters to me and I strive to make every student make great memories and work as a team and know that losing is not the end of the world. I will act as a bridge between the students and the teachers and commit myself to fulfil my responsibility to the most of my abilities and make sure that this year doesn’t just pass by, but is cherished in every student’s heart.