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Prerana School

NBCD Prerana Education Centre

128 children with disabilities study and receive rehabilitation training and therapy at Prerana Education Centre, a project of NBCD (North Bengal Council for the Disabled). Late Capt. J K Sengupta, a founding Trustee of Vidya Valley School, and his wife Rita Sengupta were largely instrumental in establishing NBCD and Prerana.

Prerana is a cross-disability centre, teaching and supporting children with visual, speech and hearing impairments, orthopaedic handicaps, cerebral palsy, autism and other intellectual and developmental disabilities.

The Centre does not charge for tuitions, school-bus, food, uniform, learning materials as almost all children are from needy families.

The Centre has residential facilities for up to 40 visually challenged children whose homes are in distant tea gardens and villages. They live and grow up in Prerana and go on to have fulfilling lives and careers.

Prerana Centre actively promotes inclusive education. With its help and support, about 150 children with disabilities from tribal and other backward classes are studying in mainstream schools. They can learn, fulfil their potential and thrive without the stigma and isolation of “exclusion” endured by generations of children with disabilities.

Vidya Valley School is proud of its long-standing association with Prerana. All the bags for water bottles used by children of Vidya Valley and the shopping baskets purchased at school functions are made by children of Prerana. We hope that Prerana will continue its noble work and make the world a better place for its children. Prerana depends on the helping hand of high minded institutions and individuals to run the School and allied community activities.