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Society for Excellence in Education



We seek:
  • To nurture and develop students to be learners through life.
  • To be fit and athletically inclined.
  • To respect the arts.
  • To be caring and kind.
  • To be reflective and mindful.
  • To be confident of their selves.
  • To become active participative citizens.
  • To provide an inclusive environment for emotional, academic, and physical wellness of all children in our school.
Over two decades we have built five pillars to support our educational edifice embodying the core of our culture.


We imbibe the spirit of the curricular framework of the Boards of Education. We provide a collaborative structure between parents and teachers to give every child the joy of learning. We encourage teachers to be flexible and innovative. Their professional development is an ongoing process.

Spirit of Inquiry

We reinforce conventional academics by creative pedagogy to foster the spirit of inquiry. We provide platforms for children to be thinkers and communicators. We ask them to be open-minded, exploratory, and inquiring. We applaud their innovation and creativity.

Social Skills

“Good Morning”. “Thank you” and “Please” taught from an early age give a veneer of conventional social skills to all children. Our inclusive environment makes all student grow up with awareness and appreciation of differences and diversity and gives them a deeper level of social skills. Ensuring community service instils significant ethical consciousness among our students.

Arts & Creativity

We deem our students to be “educated” once they have cultivated one or more creative skills and learnt to appreciate and respect all forms of the Arts. We ensure participation of all students by providing ample opportunities for singing, instrumental music, dance, dramatics, and visual arts.
Public speaking and debating are creative skills too and an essential component of learning for all. Reading is the wellspring of imagination and creativity; our libraries have thousands of books of all genres for students of all ages and all our teachers too.

Fitness & wellness

The phrase Mens sana in corpore sano or “a healthy mind in a healthy body” is the fifth of our pillars. Sports during, before and after school hours is standard for children of Vidya Valley. PE teachers help children to enjoy and become skilled in a variety of sports. Not only do our students become strong and hardy; they develop sportsmanship that can only be learnt on playing fields. We work with parents to make fitness a way of life for all children.