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Amairah Kukreja – Class 2C

Title of the Book: Junie B Jones

Name of the Author: Barbara Park

Illustrator of the Book: Denise Brunkus

Main Character in the book: Junie B Jones

Favorite character in the story and Why :

Junie B – Because she is very naughty and makes me laugh.


What is the story about :

It’s about a little girl named Junie Beatrice Jones, she loves to be called as Junie B. It’s about how she starts going to kindergarten and then graduates to 1st grade. It’s about how she makes friends at school and faces different situations at home and school and learns to handle them.


Star Rating: Out of 5

I would give 5 out of 5 because when you start reading one book, you don’t feel like keeping it down and want to finish the whole series. The book series has 28 books.

Good fun Book for age group 6 – 8 yrs.




-Amairah Kukreja

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