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Children are the best creation of God

‘Children are the best creation of God,
They spread joy in every season.’

Isn’t this true?

Every year in Vidya Valley we celebrate Children’s Day with lot of fun and frolic. Lot of exciting activities are organised to make the children feel special. But for the last 2 years due to the ongoing pandemic things have changed drastically. We all are exposed to virtual learning for the first time.

We sincerely thank our beloved Principal Ma’am, Mrs. Nalini Sengupta, who stands rock solid behind all of us in all that we think of doing for our children. She is the driving force in all that we teachers want to explore.

A big thank you to our dear Ma’am because of whom we have tried a number of new things to reach our children virtually.

This year we thought of celebrating the Children’s Day in a unique way by showcasing a ‘Puppet Show’ for our dear ones.

Puppetry is one of the most effective tools you can expose your children to. They help a child to learn a great deal.

The benefits are enormous and they have the potential to improve language skills, creativity, social awareness and more.

Puppets encourage creativeness on several different levels.

Storytelling comes alive with puppets.

“One of the nicest things about puppets is that it’s your own hand which makes them alive and expressive. You can make them do anything you want to.”

Keeping this in mind the Std 1 Teachers headed by Mrs. Sheetal Pingte and Std 2 Teachers headed by Mrs. Nilima Jaunjale of Vidya Valley School presented a puppet show for the virtual Children’s Day Celebration.

The children got to watch the story of ‘The Musical Donkey’.

It was a joyful experience for the children and the teachers too.

The puppet show was shot in the school at various locations. The children were nostalgic when they saw their school in the show after a long time. They were ecstatic to hear their teachers speak for the animals. All the children thoroughly enjoyed and had a hearty laugh.

The puppet show was followed by a song, games and dances. The children’s laughter was a proof that they loved and had fun during the virtual Children’s Day celebration.

It was heartening to see smiles on the faces of our dear little ones who enjoyed and had fun virtually along with their teachers

Our Experience

It was for the first time that we did something out of our comfort zone. Recording our dialogues and shooting in the premises was such a wonderful experience. We teachers too relived our childhood while doing this full act. Be it the recording of our dialogues or using the puppets. It was as if we were discovering ourselves.
I would like to mention that it was an excellent example of teamwork.

The Puppet show was a collective effort of all the teachers

Concept Ms. Deepa Nair
Written by Ms. Usha and Ms. Sheetal
Critical analysis Ms. Amita Trivedi
Directed and shot by Ms. Aparajita Roy

Sound over for the animals by

Babloo, the Donkey Bubbly Ms. Sneha Mali
Gattu, the horse Young and energetic Ms. Usha Sadanand
Nimmi, the cow Dependable Ms. Jaya Misra
Moti, the dog Calm and composed Ms. Deepa Nair
Fisherman Creative head of our team, Ms. Aparajita Roy
Watchman Affable Ms. Amita Trivedi
Overall narration Ms. Sheetal Pingte

How can we forget the virtual support extended to us by Ms. Nilima Jaunjale, Ms. Sonali Marode & Ms. Monali Rajguru.

A fantastic experience which pushes us to explore ourselves more than ever before.

Before I end, I would like to say ‘You are more than who you were.
It isn’t where you came from but where you’re going which counts!’

Babloo – the Donkey


The 4 friends —– Nimmi – the cow, Moti – the dog, Babloo – the donkey and Gattu – the horse.


The scared and startled friends




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