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When life gives us a chance we should always grab it on the first go. This is what happened when an opportunity popped up to bring a change in life….an opportunity to remodel ourselves and introspect, an opportunity to mold ourselves. We recently collaborated with another esteemed school in Pune, KHS Baner to work towards saving our rivers of Pune. Twenty children of standards 6 and 7 each of both schools have collaborated, to not only find out measures to make our rivers better but most important of all to create awareness amongst the people in various ways.

Megha Gupta, Jayashree Ghorpade, and Me (Rashmi Bindra ) will be the teacher mentors from Vidya Valley, and Ambica Prabhu, Rupa Bhatt, and Mona Singh will be the teacher mentor from KHS.

This whole project has been conceptualized by great enablers- Lakshmi Gandhi( Principal-KHS), Jyoti Kumta ma’am, and Ipsita Rodricks( VVS).

There are many virtues that a river can help us learn.

From turbulent to being calm, from nonaesthetic to cultural, from mythical to belief, from stagnant to being flowing, from disastrous to be a lifesaver.

The most important point is how each life, be it big or small depends on it.

I once read, “ Rivers never go reverse, so try to be like a river, forget your past and focus on your future.”This is so true. We should forget what has been done and focus on what has to be done and how it has to be done.

I am not sure where the path will lead us to but In the end, this is for sure our children will be sensitized and become aware, social, and sensible citizens.

The team has come together they have finalized the journey. Just like the river changes its course there might be some changes, some bumps on our way but the thought is that if we could change the mindset of 10% of the people then we will consider ourselves to have achieved our goal. You all could come and help us spread awareness and be a part of the social change.  All I know is the chain should not break and the cause should not stop.

– Rashmi Bindra


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