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GOONJ – An Echo that has set into our lives to practice the 3 R’s

GOONJ – An Echo that has set into our lives to practice the 3 R’s

With the overwhelming response by all group leaders in terms of leadership, coordination, and bringing the GOONJ project to life, I am honored to have this opportunity to give the collated feedback by all parent leaders who represented class 2. 

One of the common feedbacks from the majority of leaders was – People do come together for a single good cause no matter what their backgrounds, languages, etc. The awareness about saving our planet, our environment is much larger than what we think it is.

Swapna Dhoot says “Like a seed Vidya Valley team has planted these valuables R’s in all these little curious heads and we all can see how kids have taken it up. The journey has just begun. Thank you for such a wonderful and practical initiative”

(Group 2) Dipti says “ All the mothers (despite odds like Covid, twins, working moms) respected all the timelines and really motivated their children. Ruby Agarwal, Pooja Chinchalkar, Mrs. Sushant and Archana Sharma went out of their way to help with the project”

(Group 4) Amber Wagh says “This project gave an insight into lots of amazing teachers, parents and students. We were very fortunate as we all bonded very well and have forged deep friendships which will be forever.”

(Group 5)Khushboo Kuber says “Getting together 10 people completely unknown to each other -from the initial tepid responses, to the ice-breaker moments and up until warming up to each other and sharing the excitement. It was all an experience by itself.”

(Group 6) Bharti Beri says “All the kids giving their best shot. They are our true superstars with one of them being struck with covid still not giving up that’s the spirit of Vidya Valleyians.”

(Group 8)  Nivedita says “I would like to thank all parents for their co-operation especially Shilpa for story writing, Rasayani for Video editing, and Bharti for a beautiful song.”

(Group 13) Renukha Gokhale says “Gave practical  skills and how to deal with situations like this and train our kids”

(Group 14)Pragnya Goyal says “This project helped in better bonding between kids and parents. We should have such a community project every year with a different useful messages to society.”

Lastly, I would like to conclude on behalf of Group 10 – 

Technology has got us so much closer. If decided, all barriers can be broken and everyone can come on common grounds. Special thanks to Shruti Humane for her help in coordinating. 

Self-realization and imbibing these values at such a young and impressionable age is commendable. Kudos to Team Vidya Valley and to help us to realize that we can make a difference even to this age group. 

Thank you so much Nalini Maam, Vidya Maam, all teachers, Abhisu and Krina (smart team representative from std 10) and Nilu Maam for supporting us throughout and making us part of this amazing project. 


Sheetal Achaliya (Mother of Myra Achaliya (2B))

“Moments From Goonj”

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