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Jaguar House : Vice Captain Speech

Good morning everyone, today is a beautiful day. An unusual way to start out my speech, right? But today is an important day for me. Today, I am running…. wait not running, sprinting for the post of jaguar house vice- captain. I’m here today, to absolutely convince you, as to why voting for me would be an awesome decision, so please, hear me out (:. For all those who don’t know me, my name is Sidharth Sankholkar and for all those that do, I’m Sid. Not to forget, I would like to thank all my teachers, Ajay sir, and principal ma’am for thinking I was worthy enough for this post.

Honestly, I used to be a chubby little kid up until 8th grade, with close to no motivation or love for anything. In 8th grade, I fell in love with football and decided to take it seriously during the pandemic. It’s not about the physique that I gained or the skills I adopted from it, it was about the skill of being determined and disciplined that I learned the most from it.

This same motivation has fuelled a fire inside me to make sure I do well as your vice-captain. I believe that a true leader is one who doesn’t have the words ‘me’, ‘myself’ or ‘you’ in his dictionary and only has ‘us’ and ‘we’. Being a team player is very important. I don’t want to make false claims like, “We’ll win the top cat for sure if you vote for me!” or “I’ll push every jaguarite to do their best”. No. I will simply be a mentor. A helping hand when you’re stuck. A shoulder to cry on. And most of all, a friend, to help you get through this pandemic.

Jack Welch once said, “Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others”. So, once you all vote for me and I do win, I will instill that sense of determination that I picked up while training and working hard during this pandemic.

So do vote for me, and I will be the best vice-captain u could ask for. This is Sidharth Sankholkar for the post of Jaguar house vice-captain, signing off, Thank you, and may the best candidate win.


-Sidharth Sankholkar

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