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Khushi Anand – Class 2E

My Best Friend

Author: Anupa Lal

Illustrated by: Suvidha Mistry

Published by: Pratham Books

Hello 😊

If you are looking to have a best friend, from this story you will find that you already have a special Friend. Very similar to you, doing similar things like you and always very close to you!

In this story, the character is talking about having a friend who lives in her house inside the mirror and notices that with every emotion she expresses, so does her friend! She asks her to come out but, the friend refuses to, feeling sad she goes to sleep. To her surprise the friend comes out of the mirror in her sleep, they have fun, they play, they run, they shout and scream together. She can now even talk to her! In the morning the friend goes back into the mirror but she does not mind at all because she knows that they will play again in her dreams!

Favorite Scene: When both of them play together in the dream. I like the story a lot and like the scene because I like to see people Happy 😊

Rating out of 5: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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-Khushi Anand

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