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Puma House : Vice Captain Speech

हमको मिटा सके ये ज़माने में दम नहीं  |
हमसे ज़माना ख़ुद है ज़माने से हम नहीं  ||

Good morning Respected Principal Ma’am, Vivek Sir, teachers, and my dear friends.

I am Ria Inchekar and today, as I stand before you, running for Vice Captain PUMA, I would like to share with you my CORE vision for PUMA. Interestingly THAT VISION is hidden in the letters P. U. M. A

P for me means “POTENTIAL”. Every Pumaite has IMMENSE potential. And that potential needs to get the right OPPORTUNITY. As vice-captain, I will keep a LASER FOCUS on every opportunity be it Literature, Arts, Sports, Music, Debate – the sky is the limit. I will ensure, that each Pumaite gets the platform to showcase his or her talent.

U – U stands for “UNDERSTANDING”. U stands for Communicating. U stands for empathy. As Vice-Captain Puma House, I will be “proactive” in reaching out to every Pumaite. Be it a fresh 6th grader or a seasoned 10th Grade Senior.

M – stands for building a “MOTIVATED” team. I have represented the Vidya Valley School Basketball team in the Inter-School and District Tournaments. Together with my team, we have beaten some tougher and higher-ranked teams. I honestly believe in the value and magic of TEAMWORK. As PUMA Vice Captain I will devote my energies to helping PUMA become a SOLID and UNBEATABLE team.

A – means “ACHIEVEMENT”. Striving tirelessly to achieve one’s GOAL. PUMA is currently the DEFENDING TOP CAT. And there is no way I and my PUMA team will give it away easily.

That is MY VISION PUMA. Identifying POTENTIAL. UNDERSTANDING each Pumaite. MOTIVATING the team and last but not the least. ACHIEVING PUMA goals.

As my basketball hero Kobe Bryant once said, “The most IMPORTANT thing is to try to INSPIRE your team so that they can be great in whatever they want to do”.

So, my dear PUMA team members. Let us INSPIRE each other. And, tomorrow, when you vote, please decide:


Thank you very much!


-Ria Inchekar

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