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Puma House : Vice-Captain Speech

Good morning Respected Principal Maam and all of my dear teachers,

First of all, I would like to thank you for giving me this opportunity to be nominated as a leader of my house. That itself makes me proud. At the same time, I can feel my shoulders heavy with the responsibility to carry out this role.

Good Morning….. Pumaites!,

As Most of you know, I am Abhra Patil, Naam to suna hi hoga, running for Vice-Captain of Puma.


I am confident that I will be a suitable candidate. I promise to work hard to be an effective leader that you would be proud of, in the house.

I assure you that I will put all possible efforts whole-heartedly to bring success to us.

And this is how I see our Puma house,

  • Everyone should get a chance to display their talent and skills. No one of you will be left behind
  • Create healthy relationship and competition, to create the foundation of our friendship, which I am sure going to last lifelong
  • The atmosphere of respect, towards teachers, each other, and also towards other houses

I come at your presence, not as a leader but rather as a person who will put your interests first before mine.

When you cast your vote remember me and my vision I have shared along with you (No one of you will be left behind, the friendship of lifetime and Atmosphere of respect)

And vote not for the ones who tried convincing you but to the rightful leader, after all it’s about the future of our house bro :D:D

As Martin Luther King once said I have a dream. Well, I guess I have a dream too..a dream for PUMA to win the top CAT. Thank u

Go Puma……………..

If any of you still has doubt in me, please don’t hesitate to connect me to understand me and my vision on 


– Abhra Patil

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