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Run! Girl run! A funny experience

The academic year 2020-21 was an unusual year in many ways. The first time, the school had to shift its learning platform to the online space. We had to plan to teach activities online that too for just 7 years old children!! No, problem! We, the teachers, and students of Vidya Valley are ever ready and love to take up challenges with full enthusiasm and planning too.

Most of the teaching concepts we prefer to teach by conducting activities and experiments, which helps students to express and embrace their curiosity. Among all, one interaction with one of the students was most memorable for me. While conducting a science experiment about water in the online science class.

A girl, named Neeva, who was patiently waiting for her turn for a long time, when her turn came, I observed that water in her bowl was less. For fun, I asked her, Neeva, where water has gone? That quick-witted girl humorously replied, “Ma’am I waited for so long, water in my bowl got evaporated, condensed, and precipitated also. See it’s raining outside.”

I was so amused, I said, run! girl run! collect the rainwater and  Complete the water cycle. We both burst into the loudest laughter together. Our students are very intelligent to apply their knowledge in daily experiences also. Thus, learning through activity and experiments can invigorate a child’s learning environment, energizing our curriculum with real-world relevance and sparking students’ desire to explore, investigate, and understand their world.


-Monali Rajguru

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