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Sharing Experiences on NatCon – Geet and Adarsh

Geet’s Experience :

Hello everyone reading! I hope you’re having a great day. I am Geet from class 7C and I represented our school in the Army of the Earth challenge.

NatCon overall was a very cool experience for me and my team. It taught me how teamwork works and it also taught me how to utilize my time wisely. As we all know this phrase – “Teamwork makes the dream work” I could TOTALLY understand the meaning of this phrase during those three days of NatCon. Scheduling calls, asking people to join, and coordinating was surely a tough task as a leader, but we all got through it.

From scheduling those same calls to coming up with my first ever rap, this was a splendid experience for me. About utilizing my time wisely – As we had only about 18-20 hours to come up with a solution to the problem given, we understood how crucial time was. I was very impressed with the solutions given by my teammates and I truly thank them for coming up with those. I was up till late at night but it was totally worth it!

Our solutions were turning those abandoned mines into grasslands or probably installing solar panels which would power a village, giving education to lakhs and lakhs of children. Also using the thermal energy present underground to turn turbines instead of letting it go to waste and again, my very first rap! The idea of writing this rap was given by my mom in the morning. Of course, I was so tensed. But I came up with that rap in a span of around 7 minutes only!

In the end, we all can always improve and I did list down mistakes made by my team, which I’m sure we’ll work on in the future. The speakers in the NatCon were something you definitely didn’t want to miss out on, in fact, I also took notes on their speeches! I found them to be very inspirational and don’t get me started on the best emcee’s! From pineapple on pizza to face reveals, they never failed to keep us entertained and engaged. Last but not the least, my team got a special mention! I felt so honored to receive that special mention as there were around 20 teams with different age categories!! That was truly the icing on the cake.

I would end this by saying this was the most fun experience in the pandemic and I wish to attend and participate in more!

Also, a big thank you to all my teachers who thought I was worthy of participating, without you I could have never ever written a rap. So, thank you principal ma’am, Ipsita ma’am, and Sriparna ma’am.

Have an awesome day, stay safe and hydrated!


Class 7 C


Adarsh’s Experience : 

It was a wonderful experience participating in the Natcon activity competition.   After registration, we started reading different articles and watched videos suggested by our school prefects and my parents. My parents explained to me the different factors responsible for climate change. We discussed global warming, acid rain, flood, etc. Our imagination had no limits. But suddenly when we got the topic one day before the competition, to my surprise, it was about abandoned coal mines. It was an interesting topic to research. All five of us immediately joined the breakout room provided by the Natcon team. Immediately all of us started to research the topic.  In one hour, we could come up with many ideas. We soon put together all our ideas in a Canva presentation. After the breakout room session, we group members immediately joined another zoom meeting and the discussions had no end. It was fun working in a team, forwarding our views, and rearranging the content. Soon we came with our own ideas. My parents were constantly supporting us with whatever ideas we came up with but always insisting to look for something original. The next day morning my mother and I started to make a model so that the audience can visualize our ideas. But we couldn’t make it a working model as the motor didn’t work. My mother was still after it. Chaitali ma’am suggested a rap and my mother insisted. Geet was quite quick to compose the rap. I also wanted to play the tune on the keyboard and Geet to sing but due to lack of time, we couldn’t.

It was an excellent opportunity to participate in the online competition. I learned that teamwork teaches us many things like- how to respect others’ opinions, how to accept things, and how to come to one point together.

I would like to thank Ipshita ma’am, Jayshree ma’am, and Rajani ma’am for the opportunity. I would also like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to our prefects, my parents, and Chaitali ma’am for their support. I really appreciate each one of my team members- Geet Shah(Team leader, 7th Std ), Atharva There (7th Std), Shivam Humble (7th  Std), and Sarah Hassan ( 6th Std).

Last but not least I would like to thank my most respected Principal ma’am Mrs. Nalini Sengupta ma’am for her love and support to us.

– Adarsh Adhikari,

Class 6C

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