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Sher House : Vice Captain Speech

Good morning!!

I am Arnav Kadam, and I am honored to be nominated for the post of Sher Vice-Captain. I would like to thank principal ma’am and all my teachers for thinking me worthy of this post.

ROAR! Says the Sher! COVID! COVID! Enough of it! Be brave and bring life back to normal. So, my Sherites, roll up your sleeves, tie up your shoes, and out we go on the field!! Time to race and compete showing our strength and power. Woah and here I am!! I have imagined this for a long time. Sherites, as you all know sports is my passion and I understand that becoming your Vice-Captain is a huge responsibility, but I am SO ready to take it. Sher house is like a family to me, and I treat it with the same dignity and pride. I love Sher. Always have and always will. I am proud for what it stands for, and I will do my BEST to make our jersey shine in the blue skies.

Being a part of Sher means being confident, powerful, and above all being a team player. Our house spirit, talent, and hard work will surely lead us to victory and all I want to do is guide us there. As a Sher Vice-Captain, I would encourage and bring out the very best from each one of you and help you participate in some activity that you care about as I believe it builds up your personality and, in some cases, even careers. Also, trust me Sherites, even if we have to be online, I will ensure that we are together and springing up with all kinds of activities!! Regarding leadership, I have taken part in all our Sher activities before, so I know what it takes to become a leader. It’s been a few years since Sher has won the Top Cat, and I promise you it’s my dream to bring the cup back to us.


VOTE FOR Arnav Kadam!!

Remember, Sher is the king of the jungle, and we must be the Sher, the kings of Vidya Valley!!

So Sherites, vote for me cause we all know that it is a KADAM in the right direction!!

Thank you and may the best candidate win!!


-Arnav Kadam

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