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Once upon a time, long long ago!!! Do these phrases tick a bell or bring an instantaneous smile to your face? Stories are like magnets they attract us to them and we are all ears when listening to an interesting story.

Storytelling has been an integral part of our life from time immemorial. It’s instinctive for humans to narrate stories, every communication, every conversation includes the art of telling a story. The intricate sculptures curated by our ancestors take us centuries back to feel their life, in the same way initially stories were told through these beautifully handcrafted visuals such as cave drawings. Storytelling has developed in the past years from visual stories to oral traditions from our ancestors to paper stories and now it’s just a click away.

Stories bring characters to life and they go beyond the boundaries of entertainment. Stories enhance communication skills across all age groups. Studies have revealed that people who listen to or read stories are more confident in public speaking skills as compared to others. Students learn to play with words and phrases in a positive way, they are able to connect with the emotions and this, in turn, brings out the best behavior towards the world in general.

Stories follow the BME (Beginning, middle, and End pattern) in the same way every subject follows this pattern. For example, when solving a math problem- applying the correct formula is the beginning, the process of using the formula in the middle and the solution is the ending. In this way every concept has a story to tell, no matter you are in a science lab or a playground we cannot runway from the BME pattern.  It is there everywhere around us.

Storytelling can lay the foundation for effective teaching for teachers and students can be benefitted from the great amount of knowledge that can be used in their practical life. Stories are here to stay for generations and generations!!!!


-Sneha Devarhubli

Class Teacher – 3E

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