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Vihaan Kanitkar – Class 2C

Name of the Book: – CHARLOTTE’s WEB

Author: – E B White

Illustrated by: – Garth Williams

About the Story: –

“Charlotte’s Web” is an excellent classic which will be remembered for ever and a definite must read. It was published in 1952 and being read all around the world even today.

It is a facinating story about a girl named

“Ferm”, a pig named “Wilbur” & a spider

called “Charlotte”. Fern resuces Wilbur from

being slaughtered & sends him away to her

uncle’s farm where Wilbur is friendless &

snubbed by other animals except Charlotte.

Charlotte saved Wilbur from being turned

into Pork by farmer Zuckerman for winter.



My favourate part is when I read with my mom about

the clever webs spun by Charlottte to protect Wilbur.

I thought it is a blessing to have friends who keep

promises like Charlotte. It made me a little sad in the

end when Charlotte died but I liked how Wilbur took

care of the three little spiders.

It is happy, sad, exciting & BRILLANT. It’s my and

my mom’s favourite book.


Rating for the book: – 5 Stars

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