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A mini sports day


A mini sports day on 28th March was held for grades 6 and 7.

It was an enthusiastic and cheerful day for everyone after a long time of online school. It was a well-planned event by the P.E department which was well supported by the class teachers.
The sports day went very smoothly and everyone participated actively. There were 100 meters races along with team events like dodgeball and all-time favorite Tug of War.
The event ignited the house spirit among the children.
Winning points for their houses became a matter of pride and it could be seen on the day.

“The only major problem was the sun and the heat, the environment was really hot so it was a bit tiring for the students and teachers to stand in that weather all day, but all the students took the challenge on like champs.” Said the sports teachers.

There was a bit of an age gap between the two groups of grades 4 & 5 and 6 & 7 and due to this the students from the younger grades wanted to take part in all the races even if they might lose, they were always full of enthusiasm. The older kids did not want to participate in all the races saying, “What’s the point if we are not going to win.” Our teachers though, taught the students to enjoy, while maintaining a good sportsman spirit.



“It was really fun participating in the races for 6th grade, It was also fun to watch the people run. I participated in the 6th C race and won. Getting the gold medal was an amazing feeling. Drinking lots of juice made my day.”   

  – Athansh Gawade, 6C

“Really enjoyed all the races, dodge ball games were fun. Cheering on for our houses was a big part for those not participating in any events. It was our first time having a senior sports day and we tried to beat the other houses, but what matters is to have fun. It was a new experience.”

Sia Prabudesai, 6C


-Niyati Keswani

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