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Ayaana Vyas – Class 2D

Book Review: Grandma’s Bag of Stories

Author:- Sudha Murty

I love reading books because of

  • Interesting Characters
  • Engaging story
  • Morals taught in simple way
  • Learning new word


I love this book:


  1. It consists of 22 small stories with interesting characters.
  2. Language is very simple and each story teaches an important life lesson.
  3. Some of the interesting characters are Ajji, Ajja, Vishnu Kaka, Damu and Rehmat Chacha.
  4. Ajji tells stories to her grandchildren with so much love that it feels like you are with them.
  5. I read this book during my summer vacation.

Thank you

Keep reading.

– Ayaana Vyas


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