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Earth Day School Winner 2021


Earth Day is an annual event on April 22 to demonstrate support for environmental protection. It includes a wide range of events coordinated globally by Earth  including 1 billion people in more than 193 countries.

A big Congratulations to Vidya Valley School.

It’s a great pleasure to inform you that Vidya Valley School, Sus Village, Pune, is one of the 6 Winners announced this Rain Day, July 29, in the Green  Earth Day School 2021 contest from Earth Day Network-India. For this contest schools registered to be nominated as Earth Day Schools and submitted their entries. Schools can help nurture the love for the environment through formal and informal educational tools.

Some pictures of our school about the eco-friendly practices and green campus were shared and also a little write-up about the activities conducted in our school related to the environment. School’s role is in bringing about the change leading by example and inspiring the students to be stewards for the environment.

There is a curious naturalist in every child. We ensure that environmental education is a part of the curriculum for all classes.

I would like to brief you about some of the strategies followed by our school to create an innovative learning environment and to help develop the student’s process of thinking.

Projects on various themes are given to children such as Medicinal plants, Pollution,  Natural Calamities, growing plants, alternative sources of fuels [Solar energy, wind energy],

Students make models showing purification of water, soil erosion,  models like a windmill, rainwater harvesting.]  to explain the importance and ways of conserving natural resources.

Upcycling of waste like empty cans, bottles, boxes to make pen stands, decorative pieces, bangle boxes, paintings, etc. Making collages using old newspapers, magazines, to exhibit different layers in a rainforest, habitat, to collect information and reasons for some animals becoming endangered or extinct.   Empty tetra packs are collected by children, sent to recycling factories.  Children investigate the water usage in school/home and generate ideas on how to save, recycle it. Segregating garbage, disposal of biodegradable waste in the form of compost is demonstrated and children are encouraged to make an eco-friendly garden. Debates, slogan writing, essay, poster competition, riddles, puzzles, role play are organized to create awareness about environmental issues. It is a way of inspiring students by giving them practical experience in a fun, safe and welcoming environment.


By bringing nature back into the classroom, we can instill in students understanding and respect for all aspects of creation.  It is our duty to create awareness about environmental issues, to find and light the path toward regeneration and rejuvenation of Mother Nature, to bring a greater understanding of the oneness of all creation, of which we are a part, to educate future generations, and improve quality of life worldwide.

I believe that humanity must survive into the future and is critical for protecting the nation.



– Megha Gupta

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