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Daniel Prince – Class 2A



Author: Drew Daywalt

Illustration:  Oliver Jeffers

Reviewed by: Daniel Prince

Little Duncan just wanted to do some coloring with his Crayons, but to his surprise when he opened his crayon box, his crayons were missing and found only letters, each saying the same thing. We Quit….

I decided to read this book as I found the name of the book Interesting. I wondered how Crayons can quit. This book is an enchanting hilarious story that entertains readers of all ages. I realized that the crayons complaints to Duncan just like how we complain all the time to our parents or teachers. The letters written were very funny. Duncan is my favorite character because he came out with an imaginative colorful idea to make his crayon friends happy. This encourages us to solve our problems by using our imagination. This book is also beautifully illustrated. The illustrations are really simple and imaginative. I love reading this book over and over again. I would recommend everyone to read this book.

Ratings: 5\5



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