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Cheetah House : Vice Captain Speech

Good morning principal ma’am, teachers, all my fellow batchmates, and contenders.

I, am Michelle Alex, from class 9B, and a proud member of the Cheetah house, here today to seek your votes to be elected Vice-Captain of our house.

Undoubtedly, the pandemic around us has wreaked havoc and to those of us who might have lost a dear loved one, I offer you my sincere condolences.  As we wade through this crisis, slowly but surely, we should all be back to our exciting and great institution sooner than our expectations. While the school competition season has already begun and as the leadership baton changes, you the Cheethaites, I’m sure you’ll agree need a fine leader who can keep up our winning spree intact.

I am confident I will live up to your expectations and a vote for me shall not be something you will regret!  I will work with our next captain elect, to meticulously define our team’s composition and strategies in a manner that will clinch a win each time we head for a competition.I shall strive to ensure that we the Cheetaites work as a team, always, be it when we win or lose.

I’m one of the fortunate, who have had the opportunity to represent our school and win on more than one occasion, so I fully understand the importance of participating, being a team player, and winning.

To keep the success of our team going, I assure you that, as your Vice Captain, I will, remain friendly, approachable, and inspiring. I will continue to nurture my inherent strengths of being naturally humble, but, firm in my decisions.  Rest assured, I will strive to give you a chance to showcase your true talents and not be left behind.

I firmly believe that leadership is not just a position or title, it’s all about action and example and a leader is the one who knows the path, shows the path, and walks on that path with you no matter how risky it is. That for me is a true leader. I know the job of being your Vice-Captain, is a great responsibility and I’m positive, with your support, I can do full justice to it.

So, my fellow Cheetah house members I humbly seek your votes to be your next Vice-Captain.

Let me also take this opportunity to thank my parents, teachers, kakas, mausis, and everyone, who played an important part in molding me to become the person I am. If it were not for you, I wouldn’t be who I am today.

And, as President Abraham Lincoln once said and quote – “The ballot is stronger than the bullet.” unquote and so every vote of yours counts!


Vote for me, Michelle Alex as your next vice-captain, and may the best candidate win. Thank you.


-Michelle Alex

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