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Jaguar House : Vice Captain Speech

Good Morning Respected Principal ma’am, teachers, my fellow contenders, and friends. A special HiFi to all the Jagurarites. Once a year a few students of std.9 are called out for the post of house vice- captain. I, Natassia D’Souza step up to claim the house vice captainship of the jaguar.

Victory, drama, companionship, some failure, desperation, success, and joy – Let’s enjoy this rollercoaster together. I feel very proud of a person to have been a part of various school events from academics to extracurricular. My journey so far has been so enriching, from Innoventure & ASSET accolades, the football match I played against other schools in town, or being the chosen ones of VVS to perform Kathak at Pune Festival. I have been playing piano for the last 9 years and Guitar for 3 years. Another proud achievement is standing 3rd worldwide in NASA Space Settlement Project. (Large grp. category). I also represented VVS for various Art competitions and qualified for the finals too.

I agree that becoming a vice-captain would require every single drop of this experience that I could remove and squeeze out of all of these events. In other words, I will not be a stranger or beginner in any of these challenges that I would have to face with you all together.

All of my fellow jaguarites I might not be the most perfect person in this room… certainly not… but what I lack, I will make up for with approachability, stability, reliability, and loyalty. And with you all by my side, nothing can keep us away from getting PERFECT and getting our top cat home. I will stand up for the members of our house, and that you may never be disregarded as part of a muted team. I will give you nothing less than my very best effort; and will push you to achieve what you may not believe that you can, more than just complete.

Tomorrow when we compete in competitions, I assure to have every single one cheer for you no matter which position you get. I will stand beside you in every step you take to become a fuller self. We may not win every competition but I will make sure that you make your marks loud and wide.


Let the best candidate win! Thank you!

-Natassia D’Souza

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