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Musical day

Even though the lockdown might have looked like a setback in our musical journey, Vineet Sir pro-actively mentored us. He kept our passion for music alive. This is why we were overjoyed when we received the opportunity to perform in front of our peers. It was an extremely enriching experience. We loved giving the audience something to vibe to. The choir complimented the guitarists which like icing on the cake. Singing the chorus of “knocking on Heaven’s door” really hyped up the audience. It gave us an adrenaline rush and lots of joy.
Kshitij Joshi, Performer
Aryaman Deshmukh, Performer
Diya Joshi, Performer
Nikhil Vaidya, Performer

On the 31st of march, the whole secondary school came together to mesmerize and vibe to some old tunes put together by a group of students. It was enjoyed by both, the students and the teachers. The performers, too had a splendid time looking at the support and enthusiasm from the crowd. This event really released all the tension and stress the student’s had. It was something to look forward to.
Ahana Raman, Performer

-Sia Joshi



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