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Poems : Excuses and From The Window


Whenever a teacher, wise,

Asks a child to revise,

A learned topic

It’s always,

“I was absent that day.”


   “I was away that May.”

When she asks them why they were late,

It’s always,

“I fell and had to get stitches.”


“I dropped my breakfast sandwiches.”

When she says, “Switch on your camera.”

It’s always,

“The Internet is bad at home.”


“My webcam is fogged up with foam.”

So, when a child finally stops messing,

His or she’s the answer is quite a blessing.




Through the clear glass,

I see a guava tree,

Sometimes, squirrels in the grass

Climb on to it in groups of three.

Through the clear glass,

I see birds flutter by

I watch them pass,

I watch them fly.

Through the clear glass,

I see all of nature’s features,

Its sky, hills, and trees,

And all of its creatures,

Its bats and bumblebees.

But alas, I’m in online class,

And must listen to my teacher.

I better jerk my head from the window,

Or else she will become a preacher

Animal Behaviour

Birds live on tops of trees,

Sharks lurk in stormy seas.

Pandas laze and eat bamboo,

But they don’t smell quite as lovely as shampoo.

Tigers are barely ever seen,

A giraffe’s neck is rather lean.

But my cat just nods away,

And dreams of catching delicious prey!

-Adhira Magesh


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