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Socrates said, ‘The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old but on building the new’.

It is the dawn of a New Day and a New Year. Let us hope and pray for a return to normal life. I feel we can look forward to a positive year.

Let me thank you for your support and understanding as we, as a school and community, have responded to the unexpected invasion of COVID-19 since March.

Thank you for your cooperation as we continue to work together to provide a safe and calm environment.

I am very proud of the way students and parents have handled the demands we are facing during the most unusual of circumstances.
A special mention of our Teachers would be most appropriate today.

Accepting as true, Henry Ford’s words: “Life begins with one step outside of your comfort zone,”
I believe our teachers have taken that step and worked towards being effective!
They have studied, discussed and shared practices with colleagues for their professional growth in order to enhance the quality of instruction.

They have collaborated with parents and each other, solved problems arising out of the present challenges and, and attempted application of classroom learning to real life situations.

They have worked on implementing strategies that teach ownership of learning to students This is so important because of our physical distance from the children.

Many of us have not met the children at all! And how we miss them!
Looking back and recounting all that we have overcome makes me feel we can look forward to a positive year. As a Nation too, I see a silver lining around the pandemic clouds!

India can aptly be called the world’s (India’s #) Vaccine Maitri!

While accelerating its own healing India is also nursing the neighborhood back to health. India’s vaccine diplomacy is reaching out to heal the regions around the world.
India is known as the world‘s pharmacy. India is also home to the world‘s largest vaccine manufacturers Serum Institute of India. India’s pharma sector, caters to 50% of the global vaccine demand.

WHO chief, Dr Tedros, heaped praise on India.


I want to tell you a story of a young girl and a young boy attending Online classes.

Someone sent this article to me and I feel compelled to share it with all. It sums up the year 2020 and 2021.


The girl student was sitting under the hot sun, sweating all over and the teacher could see some sculptures in the background and was curious to know where she was.

The Teacher asked, “Where are you taking this webinar from? Your background seems to be pretty unusual with all sculptures. And why are you in the hot sun?”

She politely replied, “Our village temple is about 4 kms from my residence.

This is the only place I get good mobile signal. I come here every morning at 6 AM, sweep and clean the temple premises well before 7.30 AM every day. I then attend my classes from this place, where mobile connectivity is reasonably good. I don’t move an inch from this place. And in any case the sun doesn’t bother me much…I am used to it. Please don’t worry!

This young girl is a Computer Science student and has been attending her classes for the last several months from her Village Temple!

The Air conditioning in our rooms read 18 degrees.

Now, let me tell you the story of the young boy who was surrounded by leaves all over, branches to his right and left!

The Teacher asked him the same question:
Where are you seated? You seem to be sitting in a jungle”!

He laughed and said, “Sir, there is no mobile signal in my place and the best place to get good connectivity is on the main road where there is a huge Banyan tree.

Every day I come here in the morning with my lunch and attend my classes sitting right up in this tree”.

The Teacher just couldn’t help but ask the obvious question, “I understand the signal part. But why would you climb up the tree when you can sit down and attend classes under the tree?”

He smiled and said, ‘There’s no way I can attend classes sitting down there, it’s pretty noisy with lot of disturbance. I only get down at 4 pm when my work is done and its absolutely safe. I prefer the tree top!”. “Teacher, I will show you what’s below and he tilted his mobile screen pointing downwards.

A lot of old people were resting under the tree.

Some were sitting and chatting while some were playing cards and what not.

It was literally a full house under the tree.

The young boy is a first year BE ECE student.

It is commendable the way both these kids approach life.

All of us sit at home with two internet connections, couple of dongles etc. etc. to ensure seamless connectivity and still crib!

Here are two students who have all the reasons to complain and yet they look at solutions available to make things work!


In the words of the Teacher, *there are 100 reasons to say ‘NO’, but then what’s important is to find the one reason to say YES.. !!*

‘This 2020 – 21 is all about grit, courage, resilience, and GRATITUDE.

A time when thousands refused to give up and emerged stronger.’

I wish all a Happy Republic Day! And a year full of Courage, Peace, and Positivity!

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