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Sher House : Vice Captain Speech

Hi everybody, and very good morning. I hope you know who I am because if you don’t, I really don’t know what I’ve been doing for the past 8 years! Still, just to be on the safe side, I’m

Kanyaka Pai, and I’m here today in an attempt to be elected as Sher house VC.

Now, I realize that there have been, what, 16, 17 speeches before me? Carefully conducted, highly scientific studies at Vidya Valley show that after those many speeches, everybody is A] tired

  • bored
  • hoping that there will be papad chaat for lunch No, don’t even look I’ve been there too. So I’m going to keep it short and sweet.

I need you to know that I’ve spent 3 rather long years in Sher house, and I know a lot about the stereotypes we have in our heads. No, I do not mean every Sherites love for Chinese. Don’t go there, it’s not lunchtime yet! What I mean is, what do you think when you see the non-sporty Sherite at the back of the stands? You would probably wonder, ‘Does he/she really care about us?’ I should know, cause I’ve been that person before.

But what I want to tell you is that that is he/she DOES care. I may not win many medals every Sports Day, and I may not be a podium finisher, but these things do not mean I do not care!

I believe everybody has a talent, that if you cannot run, maybe you draw, if not that, maybe you debate! I don’t know, but no matter what you do, or how you contribute, I believe that every single one of you cares. I believe that you know, that burning feeling in the pit of your stomach? No, it’s not because you had too much misal today morning. Its passion, passion for your house, for your team members, and for doing your best always.

I want you to know that with all my other existent or non-existent faults, what will never change is, very simply, that I CARE.

I care what happens Sher House, I care about each and every Sherite, I care whether or not you are getting your fair share of juice after a long and hot practice.

I cannot promise you the Top Cat, or victory or anything of that sort, because I believe in honesty, and such things are not in my control. What I can promise you is my 110% commitment to you, to this house, and to do my personal best for you. I can promise you my time, to help you, my ears, to listen to you, and my legs, to run after when you don’t show up for practice. Just don’t ask for my kidneys, please!

But in all sincerity, I can offer you this much, all that I have to give, and hope it will be enough for you. Beyond that, may the best candidate win. Thank you all so much for listening, this is Kanyaka Pai for Sher House Vice-Captain.


– Kanyaka Pai

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