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Shreya Marathe – Class 2A

Book Title – The Cat in the Hat Comes Back

Author – Dr. Seuss

About the Author – Dr. Seuss is a very famous children’s author. He is known for his iconic characters, stories, and art style and is one of the most beloved kid’s authors.

Review By – Shreya Marathe, 2 A

Rating – 5 out of 5 stars

Review – The book is about a cat who wears a long hat and visits Sally and her brother to help them clean the snow around their house. The cat plays tricks, the cat makes a mess instead of helping, and the mess worries Sally and her brother. They are afraid that their mom who is out would scold them upon seeing the house upside down. But in the end, the cat helps clean all the snow. The cat’s hat is a magical one! My favorite part of the book is the funny tricks that the cat in the hat plays and the rhyming words used by the author to describe them. Every time I read this book, I laugh and I feel like reading it over and over.


My Favourite Character – The Cat in the Hat

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-Shreya Marathe

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