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Vihaan Bapat – Class 2A

Title: An Umbrella for Druvi

Author: Shabnam Minwalla

About the Book:

The story is about Druvi, a dragonfly. Druvi has just learned to fly. Every day, she flies to the nearby jungle to search for food. One evening when she was in the jungle, it suddenly started raining. Druvi did not want to get wet, so she started looking for some plants or trees to use as an umbrella. After searching a lot, she finally found a banyan tree and quickly perched under it.


The part I like the most:

what I like the most in the story is, Druvi did not give up and kept looking for suitable plants to use as an umbrella.

The book is written in a very simple language and I liked the colorful pictures.


Rating out of 5:

I would like to give it five Stars.



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-Vihaan Bapat

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