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The Puppy Disaster

The Puppy Disaster 

It was one fine summer day. The flowers were fully bloomed, a cool  breeze was flowing. Uncle Ken was sitting out in the veranda  thinking of things he could do to surprise his family. Suddenly a  great idea popped into his head. He thought of getting a puppy for my  birthday. 

Granny and I had gone to the market to get some vegetables and  fruits. Meanwhile Uncle Ken went to a place where puppies are  adopted. He saw a few puppies but none of them got his interest. A  man walked into the shop with a small, wiggly puppy in his hand.  Ultimately that caught Uncle Ken’s eye. Uncle Ken said to the man  “Hello sir, are you giving this little puppy for adoption?” The man  replied “Yes, would you like to buy this puppy?”. Uncle Ken bought  the puppy and got it home. But he forgot to get the leash and the food  for it. 

He left the puppy in the living room and closed all the doors so it  couldn’t escape. He locked the main door and left the house. Granny  and I come home and the first thing we see is the kitchen all messy  and dirty. The dishes were on the floor and some of them were even  broken! All the cooking items were spilled everywhere. Granny was  completely shocked to see a puppy on the countertop. But I for sure  knew this was something Uncle Ken would do. After a while Uncle  

Ken came home and we all started laughing. I thanked him for the  gift, and we all enjoyed playing with the puppy.



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