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My Experience of “Online School” 

My Experience of “Online School”

It was a summer holiday and dad told me that you have school tomorrow. I thought he was joking because he has done it a lot of times on Saturdays. But it turns out to be a truth. He said, since it was a lockdown, the school was “online”. I did not know this online thing at all, so I was curious as well as excited. The next day I heard something new, instead of hearing, “Adhrit, you are late for the bus”. Dad just said, “the class has begun”. Anyway, I wore my uniform and attended my first class of grade 3. I was so happy to see everyone after such a long time. Sill I was a bit sad as I could not meet them in person. It was a fun learning in a new way. But there were internet problems to disturb. Things got even worse when I could not even re-login because of internet issue.

There were many events conducted during the year and I enjoyed them a lot. For example – telling information about freedom fighters, quiz, Goonj event, GP Day and Christmas Party.  We had PE classes, but it was different this time. We had to only exercise. I felt sad because we could not play football together. Few things that I have learnt are – Tabala, how to make PPT and present them in front of everyone. Though it was online, I learnt all my concepts of grade 3 clearly. It was a super fun learning Art and Craft, Singing and my most favorite circle time Online. And the cherry on cake was the drama that we presented on the GP Day.

Though I enjoyed my Grade 3 online classes, I am really looking forward to completing my Grade 4 in real School.


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