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My Experience in Online Classes

My Experience in Online Classes

In March 2020, the Covid 19 pandemic hit India and India’s first lockdown was announced. All schools, colleges, offices, shops and public places were completely shut down. We were thus introduced to online school. On my first day, I was excited to meet my friends on video. Our first class was to interact with our classmates and teachers and to familiarize us to online school.

I learnt a lot of new concepts in English, Science and Social Studies through interesting videos and ppt’s that were shown by my teachers. I learnt Hindi and Marathi language through stories which had sub-titles in the Hindi and Marathi font. I learnt a lot of creative art and craft through step-by-step instructions by Megha Mam. I performed in skit, played tabla for annual function and was a narrator in a Hindi play. And all this was unbelievably online     

At times online schooling was tough because of power failure and network issues. However, we learnt to catch up by connecting with classmates after class. We even did a group project on environment by forming whats app groups and video discussions. During online school, I realized that real school was so much more interactive and I am waiting to rejoin school in person.

Revanth Modak, III, Vidya Valley Northpoint, Pune


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