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Who would have thought that schooling will take place over screens rather than in classrooms?
There is a need to strengthen our education models and welcome technology into our lives. The students and teachers are facing a degree of uncertainty with respect to our futures, but as Teachers we are doing all they can and proving to be tech-savvy and upgrading ourselves.

It was difficult in the beginning I was nervous about conducting online classes, because I am not very tech-savvy. But since I had a laptop, I asked colleagues and my son to help me navigate through the software,”. Even that was a task to learn how to share a computer screen. How to keep children motivated and engaged during the session. Keeping them engaged and motivated was not an easy task!!

One of the musts of every classroom, all over the globe, is having the students interact with each other and work together. It was taken care by giving them small chores to complete during the class.
One of the biggest challenges was that parents also have ‘accesses to these classes now. “I have seen some parents helping out their children during the online classes. Some facing internet issues and some keeping themselves mute. At times it made children conscious as they are not used to parents being in their classrooms. However we all adapted and managed a balance with a discussion.

In conclusion, as a teacher I believe that online schooling has allowed students to be much more responsible and take ownership of their learning and once both teachers and students become comfortable with the online sessions, any challenges during a crisis can be addressed in the future.

Mona Kudale

Class Teacher Kindergarten Vidya Valley Northpoint

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