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My experiences during last few months…

My experiences during last few months.


The year 2021 has arrived grandly with the happy news for all. The Covid

Vaccine is here which the whole world has been waiting for!

When the online classes started, there was only one thought uppermost in the mind. How would one take classes for the children whom we never met before?

Days became weeks and weeks turned into months. Though there is the laptop screen dividing us, the quantum of love and bonding that has developed between the teacher and the children cannot be measured in words. Each day is a new day carrying new hopes and new promises.

Each one of us has emerged stronger, kinder and resilient than ever before! We have learnt to be tolerant, forgiving and respectful towards each other.

So there is a silver lining somewhere in all that has happened!

Bharati k (Sr. KG coordinator)



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