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Ring, ring!!

Lounging on the attic sofa one afternoon, I decided to play an evil prank on Uncle Ken. A few hours later, Aunt Ruby came running out of her room, screaming, “My gold ring is missing!”

Everyone went running to her room. She insisted on searching the whole house. She went to Uncle Ken’s room first, and there it was, sitting on the study table. Just then, a crow swooped in through the window, picked up the ring and dropped it in the neighbour’s garden. From downstairs, the parrot was screeching, “Ring, ring!” For the next hour, Aunt Ruby made Uncle Ken search the garden. When, at last, Uncle Ken found the ring, Aunt Ruby exclaimed, “But why, this isn’t my ring!” Just then the telephone rang and Ruskin went inside and guess what? The ring was right there! He then realized that all that while the parrot had been imitating the telephone’s sound. Ring, ring!

When Ruskin came out and told everyone what he found out, I started laughing loudly. Uncle Ken, who was covered head to toe with mud and grass, swore and said, “Wait, till I catch hold of that Pret.” At that I thought, catch hold me…hmm…. impossible!

  Sharvi Potnis 7 C

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