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Uncle Ken wanted to take part in the Annual Play in the Dehra Theatre. Granny thought this was a good idea. The play was going to be ‘The Three Musketeers’. Uncle Ken told me that he was going to audition for Porthos, the honest musketeer, which I found very interesting because my uncle was definitely not very honest. The auditions were the next day and he had volunteered to bring snacks and beverages. He told Granny to pack cookies, sandwiches and lemonade.The next morning, he spent all his time practicing his dialogues and trying dierent smiles and accents to see what would fit his character the best. During tin, he quoted his dialogues to us so many times that they were hammered into my brain like a screw in the wall. Uncle Ken reached the auditions an hour early. I never knew that my uncle was so passionate about theatre.The people who were auditioning everyone were quite impressed by Uncle Ken’s sincerity and punctuality but they knew about his history of

messing up. And as this play was for a fundraiser, they required the best actors.The auditions went on and when the results were announced, Uncle Ken was disappointed that he did not get the part of Porthos. But then the people who were auditioning everyone said that he had got the part of the prompter. Uncle Ken was delighted and rushed home to tell everyone. Days passed and rehearsals took place everyday and Uncle Ken took his job as a prompter very seriously. Days passed and the day of the play arrived. A huge crowd had come to see and tickets were selling rapidly. The play began and Uncle Ken was doing a good job. Porthos came on stage and he froze when he saw the huge audience. Uncle Ken prompted the lines but Porthos was just frozen and to make matters worse, Uncle Ken spotted the only person he was afraid of, Ms.Harrison, in the audience. He wanted to run away but the actors forgot their lines. Uncle Ken told them to fight with their swords till the end of the play and then he ran away. It was quite a sight and I was lucky enough to see all the actors fighting except the one who was staring at the spectators. Even today when I think of it, it gives me a good laugh.


  • Anjori RayMaity 7C



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