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The year of new beginnings and new possibilities!!

2020! Where do I start? This year is etched in my memory and will always be.

We had no clue where and how to begin. Virtual classroom…….what does that even mean?New beginnings and new possibilities was a constant thought for a not so tech savvy person like me. In fact coming to think of it, the children were better at it than us.We had the jitters and believe me, how we learnt to overcome each hurdle along the way.Log in & log out, mute, switch off and on camera….these were the words added to our classroom vocabulary.

When most parents ask me, “Ma’am how is it that you are so patient with the children?” I truly believe that the answer lies there, we learn so much from the children; they have helped me out whenever I was technically stuck

Term 2, to my pleasant surprise unfolded on a more positive note. The little first graders showcased their admirable qualities like team work, sharing, helping each other, reaching out to their friends when in need and most of all the love they showered on me is something I will cherish all my life.

This year, for me has ended on a very emotional note. It was different, despite the fact that we haven’t interacted in person, yet I feel so deeply connected to each one of them. I am ending this note by sending tons of love and best wishes to all my superstars

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