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Unseen Corona Warriors ‘My School Teachers’


Yes… Unseen Corona Warriors ‘My School Teachers’. 

I saw Doctors, Police and many Corona Warriors in TV news, they all  deserve our thanks and respect. But school teachers are the main  Corona warriers for their students. They are producing online  curricula all while dealing with their own quarantined families.

Our day starts with Vidya maam’s Mindfulness session to keep us  calm, energetic and relaxes every day. When Dani ma’am sings with  meaningful songs then Sparrows near my house join us. Amrita Ma’am  catches our steps. We learn Geometrical angles in Surya Namaskara  steps with Charu ma’am and Nitin sir. Leena ma’am and Prajakta ma’am  makes us perfect in their languages. We are creative in Art because  of Vidya ma’am.

Monali ma’am our class teacher is Satellite from our school to provide  us knowledge. She is our best friend and knows all ways to clear our  doubts. Nilu ma’am, Sugandha ma’am, Sonali ma’am, Jaya ma’am and  Monali ma’am work with unity to make us enjoyable learners. Our  school maushis are our caretaker and our mother at our school.

Our Principal Nalini ma’am think about each and every child future  and work to achieve her goal. This all happens online in such pandemic  situation. Hence our school teachers are Corona Worriers for us.

Most and the first teacher my mother- Corona Warrior, she makes  me able to digest all this.

I awarded all of them as a ‘Wonder women’ on the occasion of Women’s  Day.

Shourya Navle 2E


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