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Granny’s Birthday Blast


Granny’s Birthday Blast    (Point of view: Ruskin)

One pleasant day, Uncle Ken thought of baking a cake for granny as her birthday was coming in 2 weeks. He saved his pocket money for buying the ingredients. Two day before the birthday he had gathered all the essential ingredients. And as soon as he got time, he was off to a flying start at baking the delicious chocolate cake. I saw him working hard and focusing. He had almost made the whole cake until granny called him. He rushed out to see what help granny needed and then I got my opportunity to take revenge from the prank pulled off by Uncle Ken on me. I quickly grabbed the baking soda and vinegar from the kitchen and brought it to the cake. I had learned from school that these two form a chemical reaction to cause a BIG POP. I removed the top two layers and designed a structure that will let loose both the substances on cutting. It took me about thirty minutes to structure the whole thing perfectly. Later, when Uncle Ken marched in with mud all over him after helping granny in the garden, he layered the cake once again and gave the final touches.

The next day, all of us wished granny and gave her presents. Later that day uncle ken and me organised a little party with guests like granny’s old friends and some neighbours including the Maharaja living across the street. Finally, the moment when granny was going to cut the cake. I moved away from the splash zone as I had a white shirt on. Granny soon had held the knife and I kept moving back and… BOOM! Chocolate was all over the room and everyone was laughing. After about 15 minutes of continuous laughing everyone was calmed down. There was no cake for anyone, and everyone had dinner and left. Then granny furiously scolded Uncle Ken for about an hour lecturing him and explaining that such things are not funny. Me on the other hand was laughing. This was one of the funniest days in my life.

Ishaan Navlakha 7C


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